Friday, September 27, 2013

Social Mavericks

All these years while I was out of Kashmir, all that troubled me about Kashmir was the political turmoil, the killings, the atrocities of the Indian State in our land. I had been very vocal about all this, discussing and fighting it out for Kashmir with my friends and foes during the college days. After living outside Kashmir for about eight years, I was very eager to return. With the grace of Al-mighty I could shift back to Kashmir. It has been five years now and the enthusiasm about Kashmir is dying since the day I landed back.

Kashmir is not bearing the brunt of political turmoil only; Kashmir is dying, socially, morally and ethically. We might have hi-tech schools, technical institutes, ever growing number of colleges and educational institutes, but we are not getting educated at all. Over these years, we have just complicated ourselves, our society, our culture with the senseless list of "to do's". It is time we look into ourselves and frame a "not to do" list for ourselves.

We cannot carry on crushing the very essence of our way of life - Islam, under the pretext of following our culture and traditions. Our society is dying, and it is very painful to see all of us as Muslims let it happen. We got to listen to our elders, but we also got to correct them. What is right socially might not be right Islamic-ally. We need to shift our preference to pleasing the Al-mighty. Islam has teachings that emphasize love for our brethren, keeping our friends and family happy. But this happiness cannot come at the cost of living our lives according to rules prescribed by them, especially if they are not in line with our religious teachings. Keeping someone happy does not mean living your life according to the principles defined by them or the society.

Our elders tell us that we are too young to understand how things are to be done in society. They continuously give their practices the shade of the society factor; fearing criticism and as a result not following their heart.  We have to live in the same society, so we have to follow what the society tells us. But if we think the society needs a change, we have to make this society such that following it is like following your heart. We cannot be brushing aside the teachings of our religion and covering our mistakes in the name of culture and traditions. We got to live to please the creator, and if that means not doing what is in vogue in our society, it’s perfectly ok!

There are so many social problems that exist in our society. Many times we discuss them, criticize them, but when it comes to going against them and changing them for good, many of us are very weak to take that step. We fear what people will think about us, forgetting what Allah will think about us if we go against his commandments. We have to stand strong against criticism and taunts. We need social mavericks, they are out there, but they are very less in strength. We cannot bring a change in the society till we gear ourselves up as mavericks against evil social practices, against social rules that just aim to please people, mostly for selfish gains. The younger generation has to gear up! Kashmir needs lots of social mavericks; I pray that the younger generation rises up to make the society better for themselves and the coming generations!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Attitude towards Wrong

"If anyone sees a wrong let him change it with his hands,
If he cannot then let him change it with his voice,
If he cannot let him hate it ( the wrong ) in his heart,
And beyond that there is no faith."

Muhammad ( PBUH )

Monday, March 10, 2008


"An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab
nor a non-Arab over an Arab
and a white person has no superiority over a black person,
nor a black person over a white person
- except by piety and good action"

- Muhammad(pbuh)

In the cave of Mt. Hira

The voice said to him,

"Read in the name of thy Lord,

who Created.

Created humankind from an embryo..."


for your Lord is most Generous,

He taught humanity by the pen.

Taught it,

that which it knew not..."

The voice said,

I am Gabriel,
And you are the Messenger of God"